SS Communication Limited UK

Recycle more ,save cost and Maximize your profit. Millions of consumer electronics sold every year and many of them become redundant same year. Large number of mobile and smartphone are upgraded every year, but a small percentage of old handsets are recycled or traded-in. We can recycle more, recover and reuse those redundant device and generate revenue.

SS COM provides wireless /IT solutions to B2B , retail , e-Commerce & corporate customers. We mainly supply recycled, used and pre-owned products. Our products are fully tested, graded and marked functional at our warehouse and technical facility in Middlesex and resold to our clients.
We ensure quality of products while we fulfil customer's demand. We are very flexible to fit into our customers specific needs.

Our exclusive services enable businesses to:

Save cost , acquire low cost stock for resale
Comply with Environment Regulation , EU WEEE Directive and fulfil their moral and legal duties
Gain more revenue and increase sales
Fulfil their corporate social responsibility
Achieve their business goals

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