What is Recycling ? Why We Recycle ?

Smart phones , computers and gadgets become very important part of our daily life. We can not images living without technology. Many users scrap their electronics after usage or stop using them. These redundant electronics are still valuable and can be reused after a little or no further investment on their recovery. Many of the old or used mobiles , tablets, computers, camcorders and gaming consoles can repaired and make money by reselling them. Recycling these old devices protects the environment and adds value to products and generate profit. Almost all devices can be recycled and resell at low cost to attract customers. Many electrical goods if not recycled cause environment , health and safety and privacy issue due to the data they carry. These devices should be disposed of according to environmental regulation and WEEE directive. Used Mobiles and other devices which can not recycled / recover or carry out repairs at first stage are send to recycling plants which split all its parts and make raw material for manufacturing companies.

We are keen to promote recycling and supply business cheap devices which may end up selling them at low cost to end user. We acquire stock directly from companies hold expertise in this particular industry. We buy low to high grade devices and resell to small business and corporate organisation. We do not produce industrial waste in that process. Some of the used products may require some cosmetic work before they are resold to business. Stock is sold under limited warranty or "as is" for business to to add value into them and market according to their desire.

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